Karapuzha Dam - 9km

Karapuzha Dam located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, is one of the biggest earth dams in India. Karapuzha Dam is located in the greenish and natural regions of Wayanad, Kerala on the Karapuzha River, a tributary of the Kabini River.

Pookote Lake - 18km

This perennial fresh water lake, nestled among wooded hills, Is the only one of its kind in Kerala. it has an area of 8.5 ha.and the maximum water depth is 6.5m. Boating facilities, a children’s park, a handicrafts and spices emporium and a fresh water aquarium are among the tourist facilities available here.

Edakkal Caves - 19 km

The two Caves are located at a height of 1000meter on Ambukutty Mala near Ambalavayal. The New Stone Age pictorial writings on the walls are evidence of the prehistoric civilization that existed in these regions. Accessible only by a kilometer’s trek from Edakkal.

Meenmutty Waterfalls - 23km

The mesmerizing view of water falling from a heights of more than 400 meters in Three steps will now doubt thrills a trekker to this sport. An interesting 2 km jungle trek of the main Ootty road, Meenmutty is the largest most spectacular water fall in wayanad.

Soojipara WaterFalls - 28 km

These stretches of waterfalls at Soojipara near meppadi have heights ranging from 100 - 200feet the pool at the foot of the falls is ideal for a quick dip. The more restrained can have equally good fun just taking in the scenery.

Banasura Sagar Dam - 28km

The largest earth dam in India, as well as the Second largest in Asia, this is a mini - hydel project. Speed Boating facilities in the dam and trekking trails leading from here draw the outdoor enthusiasts.

Kuruva Dweep - 34km

This 950 acre, uninhabited island on the eastward bound Kabani River is an ideal picnic spot. The wooded stretch of land is home to rare species of birds, orchids and herbs.

Muthanga Wildlife - 34km

Established in 1973, the Sanctuary is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the Northeast and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu on the southeast Rich in Biodiversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilagiri Biosphere Reserve.

Chembra peak

The tallest range of Wayanad, Chembra peak is a haunting Spot for Travellers to Wayanad. This 2100m high peak is ubiquitous and is visible to you from all part of Wayanad and you will have a bird’s eye view of the greenery of the district from top of it.

Kanthanpara Water falls

Smaller than Soojipara falls, Kanthanpara and it’s Surroundings make for ideal picnic spot. This waterfalls about 30m in heights is situated 8km east of meppadi.

Sunrise valley

Sunrise valley is a great place to watch the rising and Setting sun amidst dramatic mountain scenery. The place also offers a panoramic view of the valley beneath with the river chaliyar meandering along.

Wayanad Ghat

One of the highest locations in wayanad, Lakkidi also commands picturesque scenery. lakkidi, gate way of Wayanad, is situated 700 m above mean sea level, at the crest of Thamarasseri Ghats pass. Lofty peaks, gurgling streams and luxuriant forests add magic to the journey up the winding roads to this hill station

Phantom Rock

Phantom rock, named so, because of its Skull head shape. This is also known as Cheengeri mala, which also offers many splendid scence.

Bathery Jain Temple

One of the most important among the many jain temple here, the Bathery Temple is belived to have been buit during the 13th Century. A unique feature is the rather checkered history of the temple which first served as a shrine, next as a centre of Commercial trade and finally, as the ammunition store or battery of Tipu Sulthan’s Army.

Thirunelly Temple

Surround by Kambamala, Karimala and Varadiga, the Thirunelly Temple is a marvel of temple architecture. The shrine is shields with 30 granite columns and the ground is paved with huge square pieces of granite. The crystal clear waters of the Papanasini River running downhill add to the enchantment of the place


This place can be accessed only by trekking. Rare species of birds can be sighted from the watch tower of this bird sanctuary. Special permission has to be obtained from the forest department.

Karalad Lake

An unusually quiet retreat, facilities for boating as well as recreational park are provided here.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary has a wide variety of animals, but Visitors are restricted to the outer tourist zone.

Pazhassi Tomb

The memorial of the “Lion of Kerala”- Veera Pazhassi Raja- who organized the guerilla warfare against the British East India Company, is situated at Mananthavady. The Pulpally cave is where Pazhassi took refuge until he was captured by the British.

Ruined Jain Temple(Panamaram)

(Panamaram):These ruined jain temples are situated with in 3 k.m north east of panamaram.